Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mountain Magic

I finally made it up to Panther Meadows a couple of days ago after spending the past two months living in Mt. Shasta City (northern California).   Yesterday a new friend took me up even higher on the mountain as she wanted to revisit a spring and little meadow area.  I felt called by a particular peak we came to on the way to the meadow and to stopped to commune with the mountain energies at that spot.  

The cloud level lowered and the mists swirled in.


It felt like the message the mountain was giving me is that when life is swirling and misting and it's hard to see into the far distance that that is a good time to focus on whatever's right in front of you.  To just be present in the moment.  

After returning home, I noticed how cleansed I felt after the experience.  Like I had been thoroughly scoured out and deeply cleansed by the mountain's pure energies. 

It reminded me of a couple of songs I wrote twenty years ago after spending time in Alaskan wilderness.



Saturday, 16 September 2017

Equinox, Sept. 22/23, 2017

I hope you are all planning to create or participate in some sort of ceremony to honor and bless the earth during the time of the coming Equinox, Sept. 22 - 23, 2017.  

Solstices and Equinoxes are the times during which the Earth is best able to fully receive energy from us humans, and she certainly needs all the loving, compassionate energy we can give to her right now!!!

This painting shows the vision I was given ten years ago of how there are energetic caverns beneath the earth where energy is stored.  In many places, humans have depleted those energy stores without giving back.  The pink represents our love as we sing and dance our gift of our human energy to Mama Earth.  The yellow represents the ley lines that she uses to move the energy around the planet.  The orange represents our pink energy being transformed by the earth and being then taken where SHE feels it most needs to be used or stored at any given time.

For those of you who connect with me, I will in Mt. Shasta for the Equinox and will be facilitating a Sound Sculpture meditation and co-creational event on Saturday morning, Sept. 23 up on the mountain.  This Sound Sculpture practice is very similar to one that we created together to commune with Earth and Divine energies during Lemurian times.

Please make time at the Equinox to to join together with others in your community to gift loving human energy to the Earth and the entire Web of Life. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Solstice at Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta at sunset last night after my day-long visit

Greetings from Uluru/Kata Tjuta!    

I have been very busy, guided moment by moment, creating my “nest,” and getting to know this place and the various communities of beings physical and non- who reside in and through this area in preparation for the energy work at the Solstice.  

For those of you who connect with me I will out in the National Park (most likely be in the Valley of the Winds at Kata Tjuta) creating a sound sculpture ceremony for this coming Solstice.

I would love to have everyone hold Uluru and Kata Tjuta and all the natural sacred sites in the world in their hearts and send them huge waves of love, as well as all the people who work in these places and manage the land and create the policies that shape possible experiences for those who visit.  

There is an incredible amount of vibrational pollution here (sound, light, EMF, etc) caused by modern society’s need for its mechanized, technological ways of doing things.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these places became places that taught people and allowed them to experience simpler ways of living their lives in closer alignment with the natural world.

Here are pictures of Uluru  

Kata Tjuta viewed from the west 

and the Valley of the Winds.

I am and will be connecting with you all in my heart from there on the Solstice.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Rainbow Magic

New Moon, May 25, 2017 - Big Island of Hawaii:

The Rainbow Serpent continues to lead me on, deepening my ability to commune with the Earth.  And the humpback whales continue to teach me about streaming my rainbow colors as I walk through life.

If you've been following my journey then you will remember the Prayer Stick that I made for 2017 and how while I was filming it, energy poured through me, causing it to dance.  During my shamanic journeying class with Sandra Ingerman during Jan.- March, 2017,  I had several journeys in which the Rainbow Serpent appeared.

After I ceremonially “sang” three women up on the top of Mauna Kea during the time of the April New Moon, my Huna friend, Iliana told me that the singing had brought rainbow colors that were flowing into the mountain.  The day after the ceremony, it suddenly felt like what needed to be done on the Big Island was complete, and tuning in, was guided to go to Kauai, where very Ancient energies made themselves known to me at sacred Anahola.  It felt like I was being downloaded with energies and memories that connected me to the very deep ancient times when the planet was being formed.

After 10 days and a surprisingly and extremely peaceful and very quiet Full Moon, I realized I was complete with what needed to happen on Kauai and discovered that we were now to return to the Big Island. It felt like the ancient energies of Kauai accompanied me and I heard, “From the oldest to the youngest.”   That we were transferring energy from the oldest island to the youngest.

Rainbow colored energy has definitely been a big part of my experience here on the Big Island.  Returning after the visit to Kauai, I finally got to see Rainbow Falls when the rainbow was actually happening.  

I have spent most of my time during this second visit up at Volcano, witnessing the amazing sight of the lava dancing whenever the lava lake rises to a height where the surface can be seen from the museum.  I thought to myself wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a rainbow that touched into the crater and a couple of days later, there it was!   At first it looked like an ordinary rainbow, but then it formed a very intricate layer of colors within the outer rainbow (you can barely see them in the video, but they were absolutely awesome) and then added a whole other separate arc to form a double rainbow.  Exquisitely beautiful.  I’ve seen lots of rainbows in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this one.  Truly magical.  Truly a blessing!

Discovering the rainbow-colored, sparkling lava stones has been a huge gift and I have made several trips out to visit them.   Their abundance started me looking for sparkles everywhere and am finding that when I look, I find them in the most amazing places.

My camera is unable to catch it, but when you walk around near the Kilauea outlook there is volcanic glass (called Pele’s hair) everywhere that sparkles in the sunshine.

Here’s a very short video so you can see some of the magic for yourself:

The Rainbow Serpent continues to call to me onward.   This time to come visit.   I leave the Big Island for Uluru (Ayers Rock in Australia) this coming Tuesday, May 30th.

Aloha to you all. 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Greeting the Big Island

Laupahoehoe at dawn

The days since I arrived on the Big Island April 3rd have been a fascinating experience as I am discovering that the me that has returned is not the same me that left a year or so ago.  In one situation after another I find that I am no longer automatically caught up in the previous default setting type of responses I used to make and am finding that whoever I have now become does not want to do things in the old accustomed ways.

So it's quite an adventure observing what happens as the new me emerges and responds in new ways in one situation.  Here are some pictures I'd like to share for those of you who are not on FB of some of the special places, beaches, waterfalls, trees, etc. that I've been visiting as I said Hello to the Island.

Waipio Valley - singing to the Ancestors

Dawn at my favorite Saddle Rd. spot

Rainbow Falls

Back at Laupahoehoe

This is the beach where I filmed the waves for the Song of the High Tide 

Hugging my stone friend at Kilauea Crater  

Full Moon at Kilauea Crater

Banyan Tree at Laupahoehoe

Kilauea Crater at Dawn

Living Lava Love

Singing to the Earth at Kilauea Crater

There is a kind of love that is greatly needed on the planet at this time in Earth's history that I have come to call Lava Love.  I’m currently taking an online course that calls it Evolutionary Love.  I call it Lava Love because it is a very deep, rich powerful love that transforms everything it touches.  It melts, triggers, and releases repressed or suppressed emotion, it illuminates shadows, it ignites passion and life force energy, and it activates the potential for whatever or whomever it touches to be all that they are innately meant to be so that they can live their lives as their authentic, true selves.  

For many years now I have been focused on growing the ability to embody this love within myself and share it as I move around the world.  The message that I have been receiving since arriving on the Big Island is that I must learn more about receiving it as well as sharing it with others.  

So it has been a profound joy to arrive at Volcano National Park and discover that the lava lake level has risen high enough so that the living lava is actually visible from the viewing platform at the Jaggar Museum.  In all my previous visits, we were luck just to see a glow at night.  This visit I have been able to witness living lava actually dancing and was able to get a shot of it through the park’s onsite telescope so that you can see it too!

I felt called to go out to the Kilauea at dawn on April 22 to sing at the crater in the manner I have been taught by the Ancient Ones through the years.  When I arrived, no one else was there, so it was easier for me to focus and open to the spirits who walk with me and the spirits of the place and invite them to sing through me, whatever was most beneficial to have sounded at that place, at that time for greatest benefit to all life everywhere.  

It is always fascinating to see what comes through when I do this.  Some places seem to have a lot of toxic energy that needs to be cleared and so that sounds can be quite horrific as we cut through the toxicity to open a space before singing and flowing more beneficent energies into the local energy system.   I often receive “pictures,” sort of like a story of what’s been going on at the place as I sing.

At Kilauea the energy sounding and pouring through me felt very clear and focused.  The message was about the need to be deeply and powerfully connected to both Earth and Divine energies, fully receiving them, before radiating love and flowing my rainbow colors out to the world as I move through it.  I heard, “BE the love in all you do and everywhere you go."

So I share with you this video that combines many precious moments of what I have witnessed and experienced during my two weeks here at Volcano.  


PS   I was first introduced to this sacred stone that some call Pele's Torch by my Huna friend, Iliana the first time we did ceremony together at the Kilauea crater.   She happened to be touching the stone as I stood by the crater singing.  She told me later that the stone had danced while I sang.

So after singing at the edge of the crater I returned to my car, passing by Pele's Torch.  The stone called me back, wanting a song and I found myself singing a melody that came through with much more of a dancing rhythm.  I got the message that I needed to dance more and chuckled as I heard, "If stones can dance, so can you!"

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Developing Heart Roots

I first met this Banyan tree over a year ago when someone asked me if I had been up to visit it yet.  Although I had spent a lot of time close by, I had not specifically sought the Banyan tree out or been consciously aware of it as a sentient being.  

This year, when I visited Laupahoehoe once again, I made a point of visiting and thanking it for its presence and the energy it holds for the surrounding area.  When I addressed it, I could physically feel a strong current of energy zip through me in response.  

During our communion the Banyan tree made known to me that as I continue to expand my work of transducing and radiating energy with increasing intensity and in amplified amounts, that I must correspondingly develop strong new roots to draw and feed more energy into my own system.  It has been fascinating to carefully examine this tree and see all the different ways that it has done this for itself.  

I observed how the branches would drop down air roots and when they finally grew long enough to touch the ground they would form new trunks to support the increasing size and weight of the growing branch.  

The Banyan tree communicated that I should develop heart roots.  As my heart continues to open and expand and the amplitude of lava love I can radiate and transmit increases, I must correspondingly open to receiving and embodying an increased amount of love as well.  

The tree showed me how I need to learn more about being nourished by the loving energy that is being offered to me by nature, by trees, by the wind, the sun, the water, the plants and animals, the stone people and cloud people as well as the humans beings I surround myself with. 

I lay under the tree one afternoon and watched its huge branches swaying in the wind.    I took a video of one of the tree branches I was watching, following it all the way back to the trunk.  I noticed how it had tried to drop down the feed roots that would eventually form auxiliary trunks and that most of them had been cut off by humans.  I could feel my own wounding and how I too had been cut off from so much that was soul-nurturing to me during my early years.

I have created this drawing, Developing Heart Roots, to remind myself of the tree’s message about the importance of creating ways to receive loving energy that nourishes my heart and my soul.

May we all increase our ability to love and nourish soul authenticity in ourselves and in others!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Answering the Call

I have been asked by several different people to describe how I was called to do the EarthSong work that I do today - - so here's the story:

I was born with a gypsy soul, and now looking back, realize that I was traveling and cross-pollinating energies most of my life - long before I had any conscious awareness of what I was doing.  I was just doing what came naturally, whatever brought me the most joy in life.  For me, that was spending in time in nature and creating things to share with people that were inspired by the magical moments I often experienced.   

My parents moved often during my childhood.  It wasn’t until the 8th grade that I ever attended the same school for two years in a row.  I was trained to be something quite different from my core essence, creative self, and after earning a teaching credential in college, I taught junior high mathematics for four years.   I quit teaching to have children and it was during that time at home with them that my creativity finally emerged and began expressing itself actively in my life more and more expansively.  I began writing music and took some art lessons.   Eventually I found an art therapist who helped me connect more strongly and directly to my sacred core, my inner source of creativity and life force energy.

While I was still married with two small children (35+ years ago) I remember standing at the kitchen window imagining.   Wondering what my life would be like if I simply walked out the door, taking nothing at all with but the clothes on my back and just kept walking.  ? ? ?     

Two years after that initial vision, my divorce was final, my husband had already remarried and he and his new wife were creating a new blended family together.  By 1989, I had completed my first song book which included Eagles Soars and was invited to attend a regional New Thought music conference in Washington State.   It was thrilling to see live bald eagles flying in the sky, and shortly thereafter I moved to Olympia.   A radically different, highly creative phase of my life rapidly emerged - complete with a large and very wonderful spiritual family of very gifted and creative people.  

Callings Continue
A powerful (and unconscious) call came from a physical condition that developed a year or so after moving to WA.  At a psychic fair a woman approached me and told me that I really needed a reading.  I refused, saying that I didn’t believe in that stuff, but she persisted, finally saying, you are in need a reading so badly that I’ll give it to you for free!  I finally agreed and allowed her to share what she was seeing.  She said I was in danger of becoming extremely ill and told me it was imperative to go on retreat and take time to rest and go within to heal myself.  

My brother lived in Hawaii and had invited me to visit him.  I had been wanting to go, but had been resistant to spending the money on myself to follow my heart.  When I mentioned that, she said which island?  When I told her Maui, she nodded.  That was my first trip off the North American continent.   (Many years later, during another reading, a different psychic intuitive did a body scan and told me that my body had once had cancer, but had cured itself.  What a huge blessing that I listened to that first psychic woman so that I never had to experience being diagnosed by a doctor or deal with Western medical procedures!!!)

After spending time with my brother on Maui, the next call I can distinctly remember was a sudden awareness  that I needed to go to Alaska.  I had always wanted to go to Alaska but it was always at some vague point in the future - five years or so off.   I got a very agitated feeling in my stomach because the guidance was to go that very summer, just a few months away.  I said, okay, if you want me to go, send me a clear and definite sign.  Within a week I had a letter from my landlady that she would be moving back to her house July 1st - so I needed to make plans to leave!  I immediately began making my travel arrangements.  

When I resumed my life in Washington after that Alaskan trip, I discovered that I could suddenly sing people.  At the ceremonies our little community created together, I just all of sudden started to sing people in what felt like a very sacred manner.  I seemed to have been downloaded with a knowing of how to do this including very definite protocols for when and how it was to be done.  I would sing sort of nonsense type syllables and as I deepened into the process, I would feel/know their story and express it by adding movements that expressed what I was inwardly perceiving.  One friend, whom I sang for her 50th birthday ceremony told me she had never felt so seen in her entire life.  

I had been working with several choral groups including one that I had gathered together to sing only choral arrangements of original music I had written myself.  In 1995 we performed a Wilderness Concert of beautiful songs I had downloaded from my trip to Alaska.  While rehearsing for that concert I saw a vision of people standing in sacred geometric formations, sounding and moving to activate the shapes they formed with their bodies and heard the term “Sound Sculpture.”  

Exploring what the term Sound Sculpture might mean was my next life path focus.  I went to the American Southwest to see if I could find anyone who knew what the term Sound Sculpture meant.  No one knew, but the term Sacred Geometry came up over and over and led to an exploration of drawing and then painting various sacred geometric designs.

After creating a television series for TCTV, I was called to live in a drier climate for my health, and after another meandering journey through the Four Corners area of the American South West and the National Parks in Utah, I finally found a new home in Ashland, Oregon.  It was not long until a series of 72 drawings of sacred geometric designs began to stream in, followed by a series of seven large paintings.    

In 2000 while visiting the CWG center where that Starseeds: Rainbow Series of mandalas was being displayed, I had a life-changing exchange with a man from New Zealand.   I sang some of my songs for him and after our long conversation, he gifted me with a piece of Pounamu, a kind of jade that is native to New Zealand that is considered to be a stone of healing, love and compassion.   It came alive and talked to me, saying, “Come to New Zealand, come to New Zealand!”  

It took me four years to answer that call, including a car accident that finally got my attention.  But finally in the late fall of 2004 I felt like I would die if I didn’t go - the calling was that strong!  I gathered my courage, got a credit card, borrowed some money, hopped on a plane, and took off for New Zealand.  As the plane prepared to land at the Auckland airport, I felt Mama Earth reach out her arms and embrace me.  I sat and sobbed to at last be HOME!

I spent four months visiting both islands, returned home, finished the CD I was working on, put everything in storage and returned to NZ.  I was unable to become a resident, but have spent about 8 years living there since that first visit in 2004.  Everywhere I went the land called to me to sing to it.  Gradually, by listening to the land and to the spirits who began to make themselves known to me, I was taught how to do the EarthSong work that I do today.

Over the years since then, I have been called mostly to volcanic areas in countries located around the Pacific Rim of Fire (Australia, Bali, Tonga, Easter Island, the Andes in South America, Lake Titicaca) as well as many connecting trips back and forth to the Hawaiian Islands.  I was also called to make one trip to Iceland in 2009 to balance on the opposite side of the planet the several years of sound work I had done in New Zealand. I’ve also made several trips to various places in the 4-corners area of the Southwest, Sedona, Hopi and Navaho lands, as well as Denver and Boulder, Colorado, and several National Parks in Utah.

That first vision I had over 35 years ago of walking into the unknown was a potent one and gradually baby step-by-baby step I have transformed my lifestyle into one in which I travel internationally to sing to the Earth and to listen to the Earth’s song.  I act as a sort of portable portal for the exchange of energies at each location.   I go wherever I am called to go to do a form of earth energy work that I have been shown how to do by the Earth and the non-physical guides who now walk with me, providing me with their guidance and protection. 

After my visit to Bali in 2014, I was told to empty out my storage unit in Dunedin, NZ.  Since then I have limited what I own to only that which I can carry by myself in two suitcases and a daypack.  Some places I stay only briefly - just a day or two.  Sometimes it’s for a week, or sometimes a month.  Sometimes longer.  I’ve been here at Mt. Shasta for a full year and it has felt like a tremendously peaceful vacation after the tumultuous, rapid-fire movement from one place to another that has taken me all over the world since I made that first trip to New Zealand in 2004.

I feel like a butterfly or a bumblebee in that I am a cross-pollinator - picking up the profound energies of one sacred place on the Earth and and radiating and sharing it with the next ones I visit.  I myself am profoundly changed by each exchange or communion, and over the years have become like a walking library of frequencies and vibrations that I can share with the places, creatures and people I meet along the way.

I also feel like a spider in that I know I am helping to weave a planetary web - weaving together the higer dimensional crystalline and magnetic Earth grids that are being newly created out of the continuously arriving waves of incoming, high frequency energies.  It has been most wonderful to meet so many of the other incredible beings as I travel and learn about the unique ways each of them has discovered for doing this Weaving the World work.  Many of the people I meet are playing a more stationary role, transducing energy for the planet from a location where they are stewarding the land.  Occasionally I cross paths with others who travel as I do and stay in touch through the internet.

I am most blessed by life and continually give thanks for the incredibly beautiful and magical experiences that come my way as I have followed the wisdom of my heart!

I hold a vision of every person on the planet clearly hearing their particular calling and experiencing the joy that comes from answering that call.


Monday, 20 March 2017

The Earth Sings Videos

This Earth Sings series are nature photography videos with no music, so the voices of nature can be heard.

Full Moon:  Rise and Set

Snow Melt

Banyan Tree Branch Dancing

Dawn at Kilauea Crater

Singing to the Earth at Kilauea Crater 

Rainbow Magic

Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Full Moon gift for everybody!!!   

I went out last night to video the Full Moon here at Lake Shastina both last night for moonrise and this morning for moonset (March 11/12, 2017)  Wonderful surprise visitors showed up!!!

I am feeling very full of gratitude and hope you can feel what I’ve been feeling during my time here in this beautiful, peaceful place.  I leave for the Big Island of Hawaii on April 3rd.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Pulse of Winter

In my EarthSong travels I have spent a lot of time in tropical and very moderate climates. Because of switching back and forth between hemispheres I often experience seasons out of order such as spring, winter, fall, or summer, summer, summer. Here at Mount Shasta/Lake Shastina, I have been blessed to live through a year of four distinct seasons occurring in the normal order once again, and have been particularly fascinated to experience and interact with Winter, complete with snow and ice!

Last December I discovered a place nearby where water at the edge of the road had pooled, frozen and begun to melt. For some reason I was absolutely mesmerized watching the bubbles travel along under the ice, bumping and colliding into each other and noticed how the activity sped up as the day warmed.

In February, during a journey that I experienced as part of the Shamanic Journeying course I just completed, I asked for a human teacher to appear. A man who looked like an eskimo, who I later realized was an elder of the Sami tradition appeared. The message he shared with me was: “Let your heart melt, allow emotional energies to flow and express. Frozen emotion, rigid judgements and beliefs cause disturbances, distress and disease. So fill yourself with compassionate love, soften and melt.”

Since we’re now starting to experience signs of spring around here, I have taken some of the photos and video clips I’ve collected the past few months and put them together to celebrate my experiences of this past Winter. The video above is also a tribute honoring the element Water and the teachings Water has had for me this past Winter - how one can constantly change form time and time again in order to match one’s conditions while still remaining true to one’s core essence self. (The bubbles bumping along under the ice which inspired this project are featured toward the end.)  


Sunday, 29 January 2017

High Tide Trilogy - Linking Up

I have loved working on the High Tide trilogy of movies because they have given me a way to share many of the magical/mystical experiences that have actually happened to me personally during my lifetime.  Through the experiences that the five children who are the main characters portray onscreen, I have been able to show people various ways I have actually experienced being “called” by spirit myself, and how, when I answered the call, new awareness, skills and abilities have spontaneously emerged and come “online” so to speak, becoming available for my use in my day-to-day life.

These movies are a delightful way to show moments when I have experienced being able to commune with plants and animals, earth elements and weather phenomena and illustrate how I have learned that I can hold a question in my thoughts and watch to see what/who shows up providing the answer.  It shows how we humans can use gratitude and blessing ceremonies to open the door to receiving help from both physical and non-physical allies of all sorts to co-create both the New Earth and the New Humanity.

I have been very involved with creating the screenplays - but am also intensely aware of how the screenplays are simultaneously re-creating me.  Many times, when I have been inspired by my guides to include certain scenes that seemed quite unbelievable to my rational mind, I asked to have the personal experiences that would clearly demonstrate to my satisfaction that the scenes for the movie I was being shown were actually possible.  This reassurance has come in absolutely amazing ways, experiences which I often then incorporate back into the screenplays.  

Up until now I’ve been working pretty much alone, because the children are each alone, learning from their own unique experiences rather than being trained by adult human teachers.  But now, in order to actually produce the movies, it is time to for me to begin connecting and linking up with the other people who will recognize the part they are meant to play in further developing the stories and in bringing the High Tide movies to the big screen and to a DVD format.

These movies are a gift from Mama Earth to me and all of us on the planet, as well as a gift from my heart back to her.   I have been totally supported in my journey to create the High Tide Trilogy in absolutely amazing ways.  I am deeply grateful and wish to celebrate and honor the Earth, her sacred waters and the entire Web of Life by sharing these stories and getting these movies produced.

As you check out the additional information provided (links are below), please join with me as we open our hearts and hold the vision for a most magnificent manifestation of High Tide Trilogy that includes all of the following:

1) These movies are beautifully and exquisitely made so that they touch people’s hearts and souls very deeply and profoundly. 

2) Highly skilled and talented people who share the same inspired vision that I am holding for the High Tide Trilogy have felt called and inspired to contribute the very best of their skills, talents, resources and creative gifts towards the co-creation, production and distribution of these movies.

3) These movies are now fully funded and are being made amazingly quickly with joy, ease and grace.

Thank you so much for your time, attention and support in holding this vision.  

Additional information about the movies can be found by using these links:

High Tide Trilogy - Story Synopsis

High Tide Trilogy - Vision Statement

Songs for the High Tide Trilogy

High Tide Trilogy - My Journey 

Leslie Lightfall


Friday, 27 January 2017

High Tide Trilogy - Story Synopsis

© 2016 Leslie Lightfall
Screenplays registered.  WGA registration #1855738  All rights reserved.

High Tide: Eye of the Whale opens in the year 2350 B.E. in Airumel, (formerly known as New Zealand).  The entire planet has been transformed by humans awakening and remembering their place within the entire Web of Life, as cells within the living Gaia organism.   

Airumel is a place where the world is a beautiful garden in which humans interact and co-create consciously and respectfully with all life forms.  The human population has decreased so that there is greater balance and harmony with the natural world:  the air is clean, the water runs purely, the earth is well-nourished and cared for and the fire of spiritual life burns warmly and steadily in every human heart.  

Three young girls ask Kui Of a, an ancient grandmother who remembers, to tell them the story of how the kids and the whales and the Ancient Ones joined forces back during the dark, chaotic times of the Great Shift and together, were able to change the world so that it has become the wonderful, incredibly beautiful world they are now living in today (2350 AD).

She tells them the main story (actually five stories woven together) which starts in the year 2014, and begins by introducing the five main characters and their locations, families and friends, their gifts abilities and talents, and their personal life challenges: 

Tessa, 14,  an only child, lives a relatively simply life on Whale Island in the South Pacific with her grandparents, working for them on their Whale watching boat.  She feels most at home with nature and has an amazing rapport with her friends, the humpback whales.    Around people she feels lack of self-esteem because of being orphaned at three and because of the way she is treated by the tour boat customers.  She has an amazing rapport with her dear friends, the humpback whales. 

Rob, 12, lives in Tuscon, Arizona, with his parents and sister, is experiencing an extremely busy and stressful life in a high-tech world of video games, cell phones and computers.  He gradually opens to the natural world and begins to develop his innate telepathic abilities through time spent out in the desert with his Hopi friend, Mark.  His relationship with the natural world deepens as he dreams of an African ancestor who shows him his connection to the stars and the Earth and her creatures.

Brianna, 12 lives on the South Island of New Zealand with her Mom and step-father, loves her garden which is suffering from severe drought, is very musically talented and creative, a natural born leader and feels incredibly bored at school. She has a adult friend/mentor, Sisilia, who is Waitaha and teaches her about flax-weaving and how our lives are all woven together with those of other life forms.  How we are all part of the Web of Life.

Derek 11, lives in southwestern Australia with his Taiwanese Aunt and her husband.  He enjoys spending time with his aboriginal friend, Jimmy.  He is being bullied by Jake because of being extremely talented and gifted - having both visual art and dance/movement types of artistic abilities.

Sara, 13, Latin American in appearance, is an only child of divorced parents, and is currently living and traveling with her American photo essayist father to various Pacific islands.  They are visiting Easter Island when Sara's story begins.  Sara has many mystical/magical experiences and feels very alone because few other people see what she sees, and because of all the traveling, she is often on the outside socially in the places she and her father visit.

During the introductory scenes, Derek, Brianna, Sara and Rob are all “called” to Whale Island in various ways (dreams, visions, drawings, clairaudient hearing of ancient whale song, etc).  On Whale Island they meet Tessa, who's working on her grandfather’s whale watching boat, and all five share an extraordinary encounter with a pod of humpback whales.  They are each deeply affected by this experience and return home to discover the numerous ways in which they have each been changed by the experience and begin to make important changes in their day to day lives.

The second movie, High Tide: A Whale Of A Tale continues the story as each of the five kids begins to feel great compassion for the creatures of the natural world.  They each embark upon a journey where they find themselves in a situation where they must face a life-threatening challenge alone.  No human help is available to them and they must actually put into practice what they have been learning about their power of choice: to react to a situation from fear or anger, or to go within for inspiration and create what they want to experience instead.  To find their way through, they each must remember who they are and that they are actually not alone and can call on the elemental forces, earth creatures and unseen spiritual energies for help.

Rob gets swept away by a sneaker wave and is carried out to sea and into a thick fog bank by a strong off-shore current.

Derek faces a wall of water created by a flash flood while visiting a national park near his home in Australia.

Brianna gets caught in a current while out snorkeling with Tessa between two islands.  Losing sight of Tessa, she must deal with her panic when she glimpses a shark swimming below her.

Sara gets separated from her Dad while photographing near Ketchikan, Alaska.  Lost and alone she must face her fear when confronted by a mother bear and her cub in order to find her way back to her father.

Tessa visits Brianna in New Zealand and gets tangled in kelp when she slips off a rock while exploring a beach.  By overcoming her panic and "remembering" to follow the joy path, she opens to the help she needs in order to keep from drowning. 

By the third movie, High Tide: A Whale Of A Heart, the five kids have joined up with each other and begun to share their creations through a Facebook page.  They inspire each other and explore and begin to share experiences with kids from all over the world about how to work together to “envision the world you most want to be living in and begin to create it, right here, right now, wherever you are in the world."  They demonstrate the use of various types of ceremony to co-create multidimensionally with the help of their spirit guides, power animals and the Ancient Ones and Ancestor spirits.

Rob and his friends build a medicine circle with the guidance and assistance of a rattlesnake.

Brianna learns how to co-create with nature and turns her veggie garden into a powerful vibrational garden using sacred geometry and crystals.

Sara and her friend Lana visit Mauna Kea and envision a world where there is no need for military to fight wars.  Instead Unarmed Forces travel to troubled areas to help resolve conflict and bring balance and harmony wherever and whenever needed.

Tessa expands her teaching tours to include groups of children and inspires team of highly educated scientists to redefine their work after facilitating a deep heart experience for them underwater with the whales and dolphins.

Derek creates a sound sculpture with his friends at the river mouth and goes on to invite the entire community to a performance/ceremony in order to protect the sacred spot from commercial development.

In the final scenes each of the kids receive appreciation and acknowledgement from the adults in their communities for sharing their creative gifts and helping to co-create their society to be more balanced and harmonized with the natural world.